Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hibernating to avoid humans

I tend to hibernate in the winter months (which seem to be taking a worse toll on my haggard frame as of late). However, last night The Wifff and I actually left our house and did stuff. And I don't mean just going to Home Depot or the grocery store either. I'm talking dinner and a movie. Technically it was a movie and dinner but that doesn't flow as well. We needed to pick up our tickets for the Altcom! Festival ( coming to the Somerville Theater in May. We're going to the second night so's we can catch Patton Oswalt. He's like me except with talent. Should be pissah. While we were there picking up the tickets we decided to catch a movie (Juno was starting in 5 minutes...ok movie. Oscar worthy script? Meh) before dinner since it was only 5:15. I know this doesn't exactly sound like an action-packed evening but honestly given my intensely lame social calendar, it was pretty fun.

Walking around in Davis Sq. made me nostalgic for when I lived right up the street from there and used to frequent Yee's Village, The Someday Cafe and The Sligo. Unfortunately, that Davis Sq. is no more. Even the used record store I liked to waste time in is gone (the name I can't remember). After the movie, we were walking from the theater to Redbones (hooray Redbones! and the streets were packed with hipster doofi (hipster doofuses? hmph). Right then and there I ran into my conumdrum. One part of me enjoys the vibrancy of the street-life (even tho it's not the same stuff that I had when I lived there) with the little shops and all the restaurants and bars. The other side of me, the side that seems to be growing and is certainly dominant in the winter, wants absolutely nothing to do with all these humans who are simply in my way and annoying (which, honestly a lot of them were. I mean what the hell did these people do before the invention of the cell phone? Oh yeah, I remember! They would just walk along quietly with their own thoughts. That was awesome). As a matter of fact, that part of me was the one that really, really wanted to move to the western part of the state to get away from as many humans as possible. However, the current housing market had a much stronger opinion and no one bought my stupid house from me.

So I think that as I get older and crankier, I'm going to have to come to terms that I can't deal with living in the city anymore. I mean, I still live in a city right now (albeit a lame one) but I know that I will be living in a smaller community eventually. I like to tell myself that the reason is living in the city is too expensive but the real truth is I'm incompatible with city life now. As my friends who are still in local bands can attest, I hardly even go to shows anymore and when I do go, I go home almost immediately after their set. Lame? Perhaps.